A word from anonymous

Please note: I’ve had to switch over from my original “Conversation Lost” blog to this one and have lost the comment refered to below. My thanks again to “Anonymous” for the link and the question.

I seem to have attracted a friend by the name of Anonymous concerning my recent posts on energy. Alright, so it could be anyone but this particular anonymous came up with a couple of good comments; a question for my entry “If old man winter had teeth” which addressed my statement that “Vermont, like other states with a similar type landscape have some of the highest electric rates in the union” and an excellent resource link concerning solar power (Alternative energy, Jan, 23rd). If someone wants to know about solar power anywhere in the country this is the link to go to:


And on “If old man winter had teeth” the question was: ” Doesn’t the news keep telling Vermonters that they have some of the LOWEST electric rates in the area?”

Good question.

Of course it is or he/she wouldn’t have asked it.

Answer: Right and wrong. If you look at the State by State electric rate table for September, 2005 (updated Dec 21st, 2005) at the Official Nebraska Government website: http://www.neo.ne.gov/statshtml/115.htm, Vermont does have the lowest rate in the New England area with the exception of Maine so anonymous was essentially correct however, Vermont is still in the top ten in the nation for the states with the highest electric rates at 10.98 cents per killowatthour which is 2.36 cents above the national average which places Vermont at a solid #10. That is if you read the list from the bottom up the bottom being the highest.

The news, as usual only tells you what it wants you to hear. It was the right question though. I wondered about the same thing myself.

Check out those links, you might find them interesting.

More later…


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