After the storm.

After the storm.jpg

Well, the storm did come through last night but overall it just kinda wimped out. Oh, it sounded like a real blizzard alright what with the wind howling and screaming all night but the amount of white stuff on the ground this morning didn’t live up to all it’s nighttime brag and bluster. I mean only two foot snowdrifts in the drive? C’mon now.

Cold? Now that’s another matter entirely. My lady’s car doors were so frozen solid she had to take the claw side of the hammer to pry them open. Big change from the tropical 30’s and 40’s we’ve been having lately and of course the wind has been screaming down the lake from Canada in good shape to add to the fun. I hear several people who happened to get caught outside too long in the draft (outta-staters most likely) are now frozen hard where they stood and won’t thaw until probably May. The middle of January is a bad time to freeze up on the street in these parts. We take care of ’em though. We just haul out ’em out to the ice fishin’ village that crops in the middle of the bay every winter and use ’em to hang lanterns and bait buckets on until it warms up enough to revive ’em.

No…I don’t have a picture…we wouldn’t want the relations down-country to get upset about their frozen relatives and all so we ain’t allowed to take ’em.

Have to go now. I see one of those flatlanders starting to freeze up in front of my house as we speak. Got to go bring ’em in before they set hard and put ’em down in the cellar by the furnace with the others.


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