If old man winter had teeth

Winter's dentures.jpg

Would they look like that?

It doesn’t take living near the Canadian border in the winter (and summer quite often) to realize what a wonderful thing it would be if one wasn’t so depend on outside sources for fuel and power and the like and that includes wood heating since the higher the cost of fuel oil the higher the $$$ per cord of wood. Because of the rather rugged terrain that any Vermont power company or electricity supplier for instance has to deal with around here, Vermont, like other states with a similar type landscape have some of the highest electric rates in the union. Try hunting down the cause of a power outage up in the hills at 3:00 am in a blizzard, freezing rain, high winds, minus 30 below or all of them put together and you might understand why that is but knowing doesn’t stop you from wishing for other means of keeping the electricity flowing and the house warm that doesn’t quite cost so much.

Present solutions include things like solar and wind power which has seen some extensive use in the latter years and plans for more, for providing the electricity part of it and a few Vermonters that own dairy farms have begun heating the old farmhouse by setting up a system which uses the methane produced by a manure pile to fuel a converted furnace. Also, we’re beginning to see the methane produced by landfills being tapped and used to fuel small power stations that are hooked into the local grid which help offsets the total cost of power production. This weekend I’m going to perusing around the internet looking for different types of alternative heating and power sources and I’ll post the more interesting items on the site once I trace them down and get them (and myself) organized.

Till then…Stay warm.


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