Rocket post

As the title says, I’m trying out Anconia’s Rocket Post WYSIWYG blog editer. I have to admit that after all the years I’ve been working with computers and the various operational and programming languages over the years I have come to the conclusion:

I DON’T DO CODE ANYMORE!!! unless I really have to.

I mean I started out before there was anything even close to a personal computer and I was banging around the internet with it’s command line interface just about the time Tim Berners-Lee was thinking about hooking up hypertext markup language to TCP and DNS in order to make the internet a bit more friendly and functional to use hence the World Wide Web. Sorry, no more code for me. I’ll leave that to the ones who have the natural talent and patience for things of that nature.

So looking around for an editor that might possibly post to Blogger (yes, including the #$$#@@!! images) I downloaded Rocket Post and here we go.

First it says it will “Drop cap” making the paragraph look like some kind of old time novel. Ok, it works. Really need to use a different font though. Maybe later. Next it says it will take a highlight of main text and turn it into a quote, increase the font size and shove it left or right. Lets see; “Four score and several years ago” Yup…I guess that works too.

Now about those rotten images. I tried this last night but of course you can’t upload images to Blogger from a local editor using local image files so after much dinking around with this, that and the other thing I finally got fed up and went to bed. I got up this morning and after my morning coffee I created another blog called “Picvault” uploaded a picture to it and now…
Seaquest.jpgOk. And here’s a link to explain what that thing is.

Alrighty then, I think that’s enough for now so I’ll spell check and see if it will post.

Heck, I might even check over the code just for giggles. Ya never know.


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