Tis the evenin’

Well time does fly when you’re just doing what needs to be done (oog).

Just got my annual Soc Sec report in the mail today that tells me just how much I’m not going to be making if I work to 66 and 10 months years of age. Ain’t much I tell ya’ and the way they have it I’ll have to work till I’m 108 and 4 months just to be completely broke. Don’t think I’m going to make it.

As you can see I seem to have a links list in the side bar now and I cheated to do it. Can’t beat that ol’ copy and paste routine. Guess I’ll just have to get up to speed on my html coding. It seems I’ve forgotten everything I used to know which believe me, wasn’t much. I’ll do it though.

Anyway, this site is more of an learning platform for a another blog I’m thinking about posting about the good ‘ole Northeast Kingdom of that great, green hilled wonder land called Vermont where only the stout of heart and those of strong character survive. Any others hike the hillsides, peep at the leaves and do winter sports or whatever just as so they can go back down-country before things get too rough. I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing before I go for bigger and better things.

Alright, I’ve stared at this screen long enough. Tomorrow’s time enough for more adventure.

‘night all…


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