Way up north

The Lake.jpg

So here we are back at the top of the Northeast Kingdom waiting for the weather to drop from a balmy 44 degrees to below freezing (probably in all of a half an hour) and the rain coming down to change into a whole lot of snow. Typical for this place. Good thing we got the old snowblower running.

The picture above is the beautiful Lake Memphramagog (during the somewhat warmer weather) by which good old Newport, VT is situated. The lake itself is a fairly narrow, 31 mile long heat pump which channels the wondefully superchilled air down from Canada during the winter and shoves it right into your front door and your fuel bill right through the roof but what can one expect when one has the Canadian border for a next door neighbor I ask ya’? It’s also one heck of a pretty mountain lake that extends right into Canada with the town of Magog on the other end of it. I left a link in the post title that will lead you a bit of info about this far away little city if you’re curious enough. If you want to see some pics of the place, check out this link to Google Images. The stuff that comes up is kinda interesting.

Alright, I’m off to find out all the other ways I can make mistakes on this thing. I’ve got a couple of good ideas on how to screw things up but that’s how you learn right? By making up for your mistakes. Swearing a bit usually helps also.


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