“I read the news today, oh-boy…”

Check this out. Preferred e-mail or pay for the privilege? Okay, so it’s targeted at companies not individual users to cut down on spamming and all the other wonderful things that companies legit or non-legit do for fun but as you read the article through you will see that they state that it also includes individual online customers who wish to verify, check, get a receipt or perhaps receive help from some support department on a item/service purchased from a company. If the company is one of those who chose not to pay the postage, their e-mail doesn’t get “special treatment”. In other words, it goes to the bottm of the pile.

Hmmm, This could actually work but I think it would have to be modified somewhat to eliminate the adverse affects on the individual user however, if it doesn’t, AOL and Yahoo might end up punching holes in their own boats.

So much for “Special Treatment”

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