Been awhile since the last post but…

Been awhile since the last post but things have been rather busy of late. One thing of interest is that I’ve downloaded and have been using IE 7 Beta 2 Preview for all my “internet needs” and except for a very few websites not rendering quite right it works great. Much better than IE 6 although as MS says, don’t I wouldn’t use it on a mission critical machine. In other words, if you absolutely depend on the browser for internet work, don’t upgrade till the final comes out then…absolutely. Also, if you’re one of those who don’t like MS mucking around with the inside of your system so you don’t do the “Automatic updates” at all then stick with IE 6. IE 7 likes a fully updated system. I have to say though, even the preview version is like night and day compared to IE 6. A definite recommend.

On completely different note, my lady caught our cat “Churchill” on her handmade king quilt that she was taking pictures of and of course he hammed it up real good. Ol’ Church is intelligent enough but a bit of a clown. You’ll notice that he managed to align himself perfectly with the pattern of the quilt:

And no, we didn’t position him that way either. He seems to have this uncanny ability to put himself just in the right (or wrong) position at any given time and he does it on purpose. He is absolutely a most special cat.

OK, time for lunch. I’m weak (cough, cough).



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