Just to say I did.

I decided I’d better post just to…well…satisfy myself that I did so here it is.

I’ve been using IE 7.0 Preview since it came out and have had no real problems with it. A few quirks here and there and it has rendering problems on some pages but overall it’s a much better browser than IE 6.0 (SP2 version) by far but definitely not quite ready for prime time yet. You really don’t want to use it if you depend on IE for your main browser especially if you make any income online or if it’s used in a “mission critical” situation as some reviewers say. Can’t wait for the next update to be released. If I really need to get to a site that IE 7 won’t render properly such as Download.com I have the latest Opera 8.5 as a back up.

Note: Sorry FireFox fans. Been there, done that. When it comes right down to it, I wouldn’t use Opera or FireFox as my main browser but that’s my preference and doesn’t reflect on these two fine products. Normally I use Maxthon (the worlds best kept secret in browsers) since it has tabbed browsing, no rendering problems (uses IE’s rendering engine), rock solid stability and secure as any browser can get.

I’ve also been using Window Defender Beta 2 anti-spyware engine that comes straight from the Windows Vista development for which it was originally created for. Paul Thurrot’s write up on the XP version in his Windows Supersite stated that it’s the best anti-spyware software on the market. Hmmm…oh really? I just had to check it out for myself. I have ZoneAlarm Pro 6.0 with it’s own anti-spyware and Panda Internet Security 2005 to back me up just in case this so called “defender” dropped it’s sword in the process of defending my fair machine (the Tray icon for Windows Defender is a medieval castle). So I downloaded and installed an ad-wrapped screensaver and what do you know, Defender jumped all over it, beat it mightily with it’s sword and then asked me what I wanted to do with the remains. Meanwhile, at the same time good ‘ol Panda leisurely reached up and slapped it with a flyswatter and told me it had been “neutralized”. Nothing ever gets passed that bad boy. Since Defender and Panda had taken care of the nasty thing it never gave ZoneAlarm a chance to beat it around so all it did was sniff at what was left, decided it wasn’t much of a threat in it’s current condition, rolled over and went back to sleep. When all was said and done, I actualy felt sorry for the poor little thing. I did get back to Defender which was still busy scanning all over my OS looking for any remnants that might be left over or perhaps another intruder it could chew up like some mad, bug-eye’d Jack Russel Terrier waiting for another passerby to walk past the house. All in all, a good first showing and since (when it’s not running around like a mad dog poking it’s nose under all the code looking for any nasties) it sits quietly in the background using up very little resources, I do believe I’ll keep it around for awhile.

That is, as long as it doesn’t pee on the carpet.


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