I tell ya’, I’ve been trying to post something intelligible for sometime now but either refuses to work or Rocket Post editor gets yet another update which makes it act stranger and more buggy each time. Unfortunately the WYSIWYG editor that blogger came up with (which used to work fine) only works part of the time and has yet to upload an image for the past 2 weeks. I finally had to use Hello to get the picture of the Leaves potholder uploaded to my Picture vault blog where I store my pictures online that get posted to this Blog via Rocket Post editor and then edit the previous post to finally get the other Potholder picture into it.

Now, with the latest update from Anconia installed in to this editor from you know where, it’s even buggier than it was before.

Oh well, I’m stuck with it for now. It’s the best game in town right now for local Blog editors (I hate the online one) so I’ll keep plugging along with it. So for now…it’s time to turn in.

G’night all.

Hey, a guy gets to complain once in awhile…. : -)


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