Blog writers galore

Hi y’all,

Since Anconia Rocket Post Basic seems to have blown it’s Warp Coil and is sitting dead in space at the moment till the next update I downloaded two more free WYSIWYG Type blog editors and one 30 day trial type. The two free ones are Zoundry Blog Writer Lite on which I’m writing this particular entry. The other’s are Qumana beta 3 and BlogJet which is the thirty day trial. I tried posting on BlogJet and it quit on me giving me an exception error. Might be I did something wrong when setting it up but I’ll dink around with it later.

Now don’t get me wrong, despite Rocket Post Basic’s few quirks and hiccups I really liked the editor when I first started using it and I’d like to use it again and perhaps upgrade to the standard version but the free version has gotten so buggy with the recent updates that I’m not going to risk my hard earned $$$ on a paid for, registered pile of grief since even the standard version is a bit pricey. I’ll just wait and see if they manage to fix the free version during the next few updates.

Qumana, on the other hand is a much like Rocket Post without all the bells and whistles which probably are causing half the bugs in Anconia’s Basic version. I’ll post with that one next when the time comes and I’ll give JetBlog another whirl later on.

Ok, now I just took a break from writing to set up a “Media Repository” account (free image FTP hosting in other words) so hopefully I’ll be able to add images to each post. Let’s see now…

Well now. That seeme to insert alright. Can’t say much for the face though : -) Now, let’s preview the thing and then (shudder), attempt to post it.

Good Looker.jpg

Please note: There doesn’t seem to be a spell checker incorporated in this particular editor but so far that seems to be it’s only draw back. Pretty good so far.

See ya…


2 thoughts on “Blog writers galore

  1. I did like the clean interface and the fact that the people involved with it seem to be really trying to provide bloggers with an easier way to do things. Good stuff.

    Unfortunately, (and not complaining) I ended up in the hospital for a bit or two and when I got back, Blogger had some sort of nervous breakdown and I have just moved all my posts ( to here at WordPress so I just got started again.

    I’ll let you know.

    Kirk M.

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