Spell checking!

The small brown fox jump-..er…no, wait..

sorry, lost my mind there

Alright. I’ve upgraded to Blog Writer’s version. 1.0 build 13 (beta) and continued on without missing a stroke (so to speak) and spell checked the finished product to boot. I even gave the developer’s a post on their forum for a job well done. In other words, it hasn’t crashed or developed any nervous disorders in the first five minutes like some other bog editors I could mention.

And now the grandfather clock has just tolled “bedtime” and since I’m recovering from a bad bout of the galloping collywobbles I think I’ll take it’s advice.

G’night all.


2 thoughts on “Spell checking!

  1. Hey thanks for using Zoundry – glad you like the new version. In fact, build 23 is now out (and it’s even officially on the main download page at zoundry.com). Mostly just bug fixes and whatnot, so it should be more stable than build 13 that you are using now.

    Also, with regards to your comment about “Ok, so much for product placement that I won’t get credit for” – believe me when I say that we appreciate any product placement people give us. 🙂 And as you can see we even pay attention to such things!

    So thank you! Heh.

    BTW: I was going to make some joke about giving you 80% of each dollar earned by sales made of Zoundry Blog Writer 1.0 referred by you….then I realized that it might not be immediately obvious that I was kidding (funny ’cause the product is free and all that). So I decided against it….but I chuckled to myself…

  2. Thanks Eric,
    I’ve got the newest build. S’okay so far and I haven’t yet found anything out there that beats it. You guys seem to be light years ahead of anything else I’ve looked at. Just my style!

    80%? Surrre! I think I would have picked up on that in a day or two or three alright (yuk-yuk)

    Free product AND free money…I’ve died and gone to heaven.

    Keep up the good work.

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