The blog editor winner is….

Alright… I have made my decision…and the winner is (right now ’cause I never know what I’ll feel like tomorrow)…

Fanfare please….

Zoundry Blog Writer zlogo-beta.png

Ok, so much for product placement that I won’t get credit for : -)

The thing that sold me was all the little niceties here and there like having the option of selecting “Insert picture file” or “Insert image tag” when clicking on the Insert Image button instead of just a dialog box popping up that wants to browse your computer and nothing else or making you guess on how to link to an image on another page. I can appreciate small conveniences like that.

I also found out by doing a search on Zoundry’s forum for phrase “spell checker” that the developers were already working on including a basic spell checker in the version 1.0 release and a full featured (they hope) spell checker, including spell checking as you type with underlining for the version 1.1 release.

Well, how you like dat? I just checked the developers forum and guess what? Version 1.0 beta build 13 is out. And upgrade capability and SPELL CHECKING!

be right back….


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