More bang to the big bang

Just a quick post this morning before I head to work. I was reading Google news and clued in on an article pertaining to an update to the Big Bang theory which apparently solidifies said theory by quite a bit. What really caught my eye was the graphical representation of the data received by the WMAP space probe that supposedly found the “first light” exhibited by the infant universe shortly (cosmically speaking that is) after the initial expansion.

I suggest you read the article at NASA at first and then hit the link to “The Time line of the Universe” and think about what your seeing. Never mind that we may actually be looking at the graphical representation of the actual beginning of the universe but the first thing that occurred to me was that the image closely resembles a Cathode ray tube that was first designed for prototype television receivers. Not exactly but close enough to make me think about it I mean…

What if it was something like that? What if our universe is just Somebody Else’s experiment in – well who knows? Creation of a tiny universe complete with life, stars, quasars, love, hate and income taxes?

What if that’s all we actually are? An experiment of some type?

And what if they turn off the power?

Have a nice d—


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