Tis the evening 2…

And not much really going on up here at the top of Vermont besides a week of temps in the 50’s which will be just what we’ve needed after a couple weeks of raw 30’s. I hear White River Junction down in Central Vermont might actually hit 70 on Friday. January thaw in March? Ya’ never know up here. Weather tends to get crazy.

Another thing that this part of the season always brings is losing people through the ice like they had any business being out there this time of year anyway. I suppose I should feel bad about this but I don’t. Every year it’s the same thing; so and so lost through the ice at so and so pond or lake while riding an ATV or just walking out. It’s not like these people don’t read, listen or watch the news, it’s not like they don’t know about the danger of WALKING ON THIN ICE but they insist on doing it every time anyway. Believe me, they only insist on it once! No second chances allowed!

Nature has no mercy when it comes to plain stupidity.

Bah…GM’s firing everyone in sight, Microsoft couldn’t make a deadline to save it’s own soul, President Bush’s own staff are either being indicted or resigning like rats jumping off a sinking ship, gas prices are up, Dow Jones is down…sheeeesh!

I think I’ll take a shower and go to bed.

It was nice and sunny today! That’s got to count for something!

good night all…


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