Spring has sprung (or almost)

Spring has sprung.
The grass has ris’.
I wonder where the flower’s is?

OK. So it’s not quite as “Springy” as the picture above might indicate but it is April 1st and it is 65 degree’s outside and a nice warm rain is due tonight and that will cause the above picture to happen.

And I was actually outside raking the debris left over from the wind storms we had this winter. Aaaahhhh! So nice!

Of course the local ice cream (outside window type) shop opened a month ago. Heck, all it needs to do around here is get above freezing for three days straight and it’s ice cream for everyone! It’s kinda fun watching all the people waiting in line for their ice cream cone or sundae all bundled in there winter coats, hats and mittens but that’s the way it is up here. Down country folks wouldn’t believe it.

Here’s to a nice loooong(!) warm season.


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