There’s always a first time…once again

A first time…(Reprise of my first post in my first blog)

Crawling, walking, talking, making sense and of course…knowing when to shut up which is usually a lot harder to do than making sense which is what I’m trying to do here.

Everybody got that? If you didn’t don’t worry, neither did I.

My name is Kirk which I figure is probably something I should let anybody reading this first outing in the park know right off the bat simply because I tend to be absent minded and I might very well have to go ask someone who knows me. If I wait till later you might never know but if this first attempt at a blog gets off the ground and some folks actualy read the thing then I’ll have a few people around who can remind me whenever I need it. Perhaps a “What’s my name??” button or some such nonsense.

There’s no rhyme or reason (yet) to this adventure in blunderland since I really don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing yet in fact I figure I won’t be able to see what the thing looks like utnil it goes live but that is the way I usually do things so be gentle until I get the hang of it. After that you can hammer me all you want or you’ll be able to as soon as I find out how to install a hammer button.

Anyway, this little site is going to be an outlet for my latent writing ability that has already managed to hash out 14 or so pieces of what I call (much to my friends dismay) “Good Bathroom Reading Material” some of which I will most surely inflict my readers with.
At least I will as soon as I figure out this blogging thing so for now…..

Welcome to Just thinkin’
Even if it hurts : –)


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