Lost in the translation

Under Construction.jpg

Under Reconstruction

It seems that something was lost in the trip over from blogger especially in the area of the imported posts soooo…I’m going to have to fix.

Please be patient. Like most of you, I have a day job and I’m still new at this. I barely had a chance to get a handle on Blogger when they literally blew their Blogger. WordPress seems so much better put together (‘scuse the grammar) but again, it’s a “non-qual” learning a new system.

Repair a few posts a day.

And so…


2 thoughts on “Lost in the translation

  1. Seems like quite a few people are making the switch from Blogger. I just wanted to say thanks for leaving a comment over at ‘she dreams of yarn’ – you are my first official commenter! I lived in Canada for a while and I didn’t think that I would ever miss snow, but now that I find myself facing a winter with no snow, I must admit that I feel a little nostalgic for that crisp white look that the world has just after a snow fall. (I won’t miss the slushy brown look it has after everybody has walked/driven/plowed through said snow.)

  2. I’ll be pleased to send some your way next winter. Snow that is…not mud! :- )

    And by the way, Vermont’s fifth season is just about here.

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