Cats among us

One thing I can definitely say about my life these days is that home is best possible place to be. Life with my lady is grand to say the least and just to add a bit on the entertainment side of things are the two clowns that believe they have the run of things. Our two cats.

Now it’s one thing to just have two “run of the mill” lay-about cats but it’s entirely another matter when both of them have very strong, unique personalities that completely differ from one another.

The first is a a middle aged (10ish) orange (tiger style) and white feline type male named BV. This one tends to be a bit high strung, grumpy, aloof, pompous, very loving but only when he feels like it and beats himself up on a regular basis usually starting with the tail end of things. And of course he considers himself the king of the roost…period! He specializes in “fast and furious”.

He looks like a good size cat and weighs next to nothing.

Bagged BV

He also likes to hide in bags, boxes, drawers, cabinets, closets etc and under the sheets which we definitely do not let him do. Night time is his favorite time to bother us. A well loved beast to say the least.

Next in line is our rather young (2ish about) all sleek-gray dope (rather quite smart and very loved dope at that) named Churchill or Church for short. He’s a rather new edition to the household being given to us by Laurie’s daughter, Jen, last summer. I had no complaint since I knew Church was one of those very special cats when I first encountered him as a kitten. Church has a perpetual curl (yes, he can straighten it if he cares to) at the end of this tail even when he’s sleeping which, according to cat lore, means that he’s constantly amused and his personality backs this up. There’s not a mean bone in this cat’s body. He’s just a big, loving slightly off the beaten track clown and when he lays on the bed he takes up most of it…most likely on purpose.

As high as he can go

He also feels he needs to be at the highest point in any room in the house at any given time usually to the detriment of anything below much to Laurie’s dismay. He once relieved an entire rack of shelves of their contents (bolts of cloth used for making quilts and the like) trying to attain the perch that he is now staring out of in the picture.

Church is a very looong, large cat and weighs in around 15-16 pounds and is still growing. He follows Laurie around like a lost puppy and yowls at the door when she leaves the house.

Church and BV beat the living you-know-what out of each other every night during their usual romp around (and around and around) the house and very often during the daytime as well. Church does give way to BV’s “authority” as top cat even though he could probably stop him cold just by sitting on him. Even so, BV tends to have a new scratch or two on his nose come morning.

And last but not least; both of them go absolutely bonkers during the week of the full moon which is even more fun for us.


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