Computer cat and the Red Queen

Looks like the team at WordPress had a little problem but they got it fixed ok it seems. Bully for them.

While I was sitting at the computer this morning before work (reading the news) our cat BV decided to keep me company whilst I tried to find out if the world was still there (it was and still doing the same silly things it was doing for the last month). He usually does this by walking across my lap, sticking his tail in my nose, shedding his fur all over everything (I swear he can do this on command) and walking abouts on my keyboard. This morning however, he discovered that my combination phone/answering machine had been replaced by a regular slim type phone, the latter having been taken over to the up and coming “Long Meadow Farms Quilts” store we’ll be opening in the next few weeks here in Newport VT and he posed himself thusly:

Computer Cat

At least it kept my face relatively hair free never mind my dark green shirt.

And speaking of Long Meadow Farms, here’s a picture of her latest creation: The “Red Queen”.

Red Queen Quilt

I believe it will look just fine in her new store. Looking forward to opening day!

On other news I actually got a Gmail account the other day. It’s different to say the least. I wanted one for a couple months now in order to bang IE 7.0’s latest build against it just to see if I could get it to crash…it did. But that’s what beta testing is all about. Got a Windows Live mail account for the same reason…says it’s not compatible with IE 7.0 beta…go figure.

So much fun.

Well, it looks like it’s just about time to turn in for the evening. Glad WordPress is back up and running. Too bad I can’t remember the other things I wanted to post but that’s the world of blogging I guess.



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