Sprig id cubbin’

I ‘dow id cud by dose id ruddin’.

A beautiful day today. Temps in the 60’s, sunshine, birds chirpin’, tree’s budding out and grass starting to turn green.

So glad I was inside all day.

Temps inside the shop where I work had to be in the 80’s. No ventilation, sweating like the proverbial pig. Oh well, I do have a decent job which tends to be rare around these parts if you don’t excel in the art of say; logging, heavy equipment operator, the trucking industry, construction work, or a massively underpaid, “you can use your own car” health care worker and what do you mean you don’t know somebody?

Meanwhile…two more days to go and the weekend is here(!) and then to work on the store, yeah! Store counter comes first since we managed to stuff all the needed lumber in the ol’ station wagon and hauled it about 100 miles up from central Vermont during my last VA run (the nearest VA medical center being located in White River Junction, VT which is about 113 miles south of Newport VT).

Hey, I got my “quick square” and my screw gun so it’s hey ho and good ol’ square cut carpentry we go.

The grandfather clock just struck bedtime so it’s off to feed the fish and then to bed.

Night all.


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