Spring has arrived!

Ok, I guess it’s officially here. We’ve got green grass and spring flowers you betcha’! Here’s a couple my honey took while I was was at work.

At the front door

The above are at the front door which is actually on the side of the house. It’s the door to the enclosed porch which was turned into one long room sometime in the past. The real front door is still there and it actually exists on the front of the house.

Did y’all get that? If not don’t worry about it.

And look what was under all the dirt (left by the sidewalk plow) and leaves (left by all the trees last fall) and last years flower remains (left by who knows):

blue flowers april 2006 640.jpg

It’s definitely good to see that’s for sure even though we’re looking forward to a week of rain starting on Saturday but that’s what will finally bring the leaves out on the trees and Vermont gets so beautiful once things turn green. It’s like a reward after 7 months of cold.

As usual I picked the last minute to post and now all the clocks in the house are bonging, cuck-cooing, chirping (yes, I said chirping) and 3 stooges-ing. Ok, so we like clocks. What of it? : –)

See ya’ tomorrow. Have a good evening.


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