One armed paper hanger

Busy these days. Hardly have any time at all to do things like post to the blog but such things (!) that have been accomplished and so many things happening out in the world from gas to Google but later for that.

Long Meadow Farms quilt shop is coming along nicely; counter’s finished, security cameras are set up, sewing and quilting machinery have been hauled over and setup in the back room, refrigerator, microwave, music, telephones, room divider, shelves, quilt racks (pant-pant-pant) and most built by us except for the appliances of course. One sign has been hung on the front of the shop (hand made by my honey) and the professionally done sign (designed by the same) should be here by next week then…opening day on the 15th! Woof-Woof(!) I say.

Of course we may both be so exhausted from the whole process of setting up and getting ready that we’ll need something to hold us up. Laurie at her shop and me at work. Any broomsticks handy?

OK. Pictures of the whole wonderful thing will be coming after everything is set up and ready for anyone that might be interested meanwhile…back to work.

See ya’…


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