Thinking out loud

Occasionally, I do believe I get a bit overwhelmed with all the changes and events going on in today’s world. From world events to cars to gas to computers and the internet everything just seems to be changing too fast to keep up with. I mean even the grass seems to be growing faster these days. I cut it for the first time this season yesterday which was warm and sunny and today it almost needs it again and it was only in the low 50’s. On the internet, Google and Microsoft are offering so many online services one doesn’t even know where to start looking let alone chose one of ’em and it’s not only geared toward the younger set, say 20’s and early 30’s, but it seems to have been all created by them too. The images of all the “teams” of this that or the other online service always seem to resemble a “Here’s me and my friends on my first day of college” picture-sent-home to me these days but I suppose that’s to be expected. I can see the feeling behind some of those young faces and I can easily remember when I felt the same way back then when computers were new, the PC was still on the drawing board and Bill Gates was just fresh out of college.

I’m far from quitting of course but I don’t think I’m going to concern myself too much about the newest thing peeking it’s head around the corner or the latest online service being offered like I used to and I definitely could not care less about any new gaming console.

To me, getting to work every day and hoping I can afford to keep putting gas into my old Jeep Cherokee is enough to keep me occupied for now.

See you all tomorrow.


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