Bed Quilts to Bookmarks once again

Got some quick pics of the work in progress. These are about a week old so we’ve gotten farther than what the pictures show but most of what’s going to be is there. Remember, the shop is still under construction and it looks that way.

Hand built front counter.jpg

This is the counter that we built in the shop’s front room or what you might call “the store proper”. Kinda’, sorta’ what a customer might see when they first walk in maybe.

Future maple, slasa and sauces rack.jpg

This is the future home of the Vermont made maple products, sauces, marinades, salsas etc Laurie has ordered from the local producers around these parts. I’ve been told to keep my hands off the maple creams. Aaaarrgh! : – )

Back room shot.jpg

This is a shot of the back room which is the work area of the shop where Laurie creates all her products. That long narrow table with that big blue bundle of fluff laying on it is actually her 12 ft long quilting machine.

Big quilt rack.jpg

And these are 3 of her recent creations: A king size purple quilt, a queen size red quilt and a full size green quilt. Hard to believe each of these quilts started out as a 1″ x 1″ (approx) piece of fabric.

Front door sign.jpg

And the front of the shop with the newly mounted sign above the door (Laurie hand made the sign also). The big sign thats going up by the roadside is due on Friday from the sign maker.

Whew! Quite an undertaking so far and all of the work (building counter’s, fold out walls, boxes, things to display in and on etc) has all been done by us and Kenny and Jen when they are able and all of the sewing and quilting and making of other items such as quilted totes, patchwork potholders, quilted bookmarks and all the other wonderful things that will grace the tables, racks and shelves of the shop of course has been the sole work of my wonderful lady.

Oh yeah, I bagged up all the styrofoam peanuts that her food products were packed in after they arrived. Yahoo….gotta love those static-y little bas….things.

Alright, I hear a cup of tea calling. Talk at ya’ later.


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