Opening Day!


It’s May 15th and opening day for Long Meadow Farms Quilts “brick and mortar” store in good ol’ Newport, Vermont (where it is currently not flooding luckily). Not many people but then we didn’t expect many since it isn’t even Memorial Day yet so no problem there. The sign for the roadside hasn’t shown up yet and should be here around the middle of the week which is ok since it’s been raining a lot and you can’t plant posts in the ground when it’s raining.

Now, Laurie’s most likely going to kill me for this but I snapped a picture of her standing behind her counter earlier today and I just can’t resist…

Laurie-opening day 2.JPG

It’s a wonderful thing and I’m so happy for her. Check out the above link to her retail store page for pictures of the cleaned up shop taken last evening.

Oops, phone’s ringing. Be back


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