Go figure…

You could have never convinced me if you tried. I would never have thought that I’d migrate away from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express no matter how anemic they were getting to be. The fact was, they just worked. That’s about all they did but they did work. So what if Internet Explorer had to be patched every second Tuesday of every month? So what if Microsoft hasn’t supported Outlook Express since 2003? So what if they were full of security holes? The simple fact was that I was sitting behind a ZoneAlarm Firewall, the best in the business as far as I and most others are concerned and Panda Internet Security 2005/2006 (for the anti-virus mainly) neither of which has ever let me down. So who cares about holes? I run both at the same time!

Ok, if anyone doesn’t spend the money for the above security or any security at all then you’re going to end up getting nuked sooner or later anyway no matter which browser/email client you run and you can forget about the XP firewall…it’s next to useless. But with the above two programs shielding me from the big, bad ‘ol world I never had to worry much about anything but my own stupidity so when I began testing the first release of IE 7.0 Preview, I thought; “Great! MS is finally improving the old clunker” and they did it with a fair amount of style despite all the moans and groans about the UI change and various imitations of a certain other browser (sorry folks…IE 7.0 is IE 7.0 and nothing else) but for me it was about time. I kept testing right through the latest build – IE 7.0 beta 2.0 and the more I tested the more I liked it and it’s little globe icon with the little golden ring around it still resides on my desktop and it’s a good browser and I like it just fine and…



…I went to Firefox. And after that I dumped Outlook Express and went to Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client. I slapped a “Noia Extreme” theme all over both (“Lite” version on Firefox) and that’s where I am today.

I don’t get it…

No one talked me into it. IE 7.0 definitely did not do anything to push me away. Nothing I ever read or researched convinced me that I’d ever switch. I did keep Firefox as a secondary browser for testing purposes against IE 7.0 as well as Opera 8.0/8.5 and Maxthon 1.5.2 build 21 (uses the IE engine). Then sometime during testing on IE 7.0 beta 2 (ran just fine) I simply stopped testing, dumped the Opera browser and started using Firefox more…and more…and then one day I set it as my default browser…and then I downloaded and installed Thunderbird email client 1.5 and made that default…

…and here I am.

To tell you the truth, I still don’t understand it. Why should a 47 year old man, an old, crusty computer tech who, when a new thing called a “Personal Computer” came on the scene way back when, started off with Microsoft…stayed with Microsoft…began surfing the WWW in it’s very first incarnation using IE 2.0 (just long enough to download IE 3.0 at a whoppin’ 9600 baud rate mind you) should finally, all these years later, suddenly drop his brand new IE browser and trusty old MS mail program for a third party equivalent?

No clue. But I don’t regret it apparently.

Heck, Firefox even works with most MSN and Windows Live stuff with the exception of Windows Live Mail which will only show the “Classic Hotmail view” but even that works well enough. It does not work with MS Newsgroups or Windows Updates of course but that’s why I have IE 7.0 hanging around and IE 7.0 or 6.0 for that matter doesn’t work with everything either. I just never noticed until I started using a Gecko based browser that I realized how much IE actually does miss. Version 2.0 coming out later this year is supposed to eliminate a lot of the clunkiness in the rendering end of things, a lot of “under the hood” improvements and an overhaul of the UI.

I’m looking forward too it…I think(??)

Actually, I am at that.

No rhyme or reason to this. I’m not going to get all fanatic about Firefox or Thunderbird all of a sudden just because I seem to have switched sides and I will definitely not start bad mouthing IE 7.0 or Microsoft simply because of my change of browsers and email programs basically because it’s not my style and there is nothing actually wrong with MS’s offerings. Hell, I haven’t even figured it out myself yet.

If I ever do…I’ll let you know.

And how was your day?

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