Memorial Day and it’s hot!

Memorial day weekend in the Kingdom and the “Outta Statuh’s” are piling in by the droves. Actually they started pulling into the various summer camp sites and getting their boats in order for putting in the lake for the holiday weekend quite awhile back. Took advantage of the early warm, albeit rainy weather that we’ve had I’d imagine. The Eastside restaurant has put out it’s floating docks for the summer people to pull their boats into for an evening dinner on the lake as has the Newport Gateway Center for our usual summer flotilla that shows up every Memorial day weekend and stays through Labor Day when it vanishes until the beginning of the next season. Me personally, I’m glad to see ’em. Kind of jollys up the place and kinda’ reminds me a bit of when I was in Europe so long ago with all the people roaming around the streets talking and laughing and generally having a good time. After a very long winter it’s a pleasant sight.

Now as far as I’m concerned I’ve been mowing the lawn and it may be only 79 degrees out there but after this past winter and the rainiest May (8 weeks of it total I believe with no sun) in the last 100 years give or take a few, running the mower around in the sun (finally) can get kinda’ warm indeed. And wet! Southern Vermont may have gotten it the worst but you could probably sink a good well with only one tile and still get plenty of water. Of course the plant life is loving it to be sure. The old grandfather lilac tree that I pulled all the creepers out of last year is so thick with blossoms the branches are sagging.

I’m hoping to take a road trip around the area tomorrow and put my camera to use but I’ll just have to see how things go. Ya’ never know around here but I’m not complaining a bit.

Now it’s off to clean the microwave. Ya’ have to keep the place up ya’ know.

Have a good holiday weekend!

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