PFF: Blogging plug-in for Firefox

Hello all.

I was wasting a somewhat cloudy Memorial Day by banging around looking for new and exciting blogging tools when I ran across a “Performancing” blog editor plug-in for Firefox (known as PFF) which (as you know) I now use as my main browser. The Performancing website is actually a community of professional bloggers that use blogging to make money with but you certainly don’t need to be a professional or need to make money by blogging in order to use this handy editor.

The install went like all Firefox plug-ins I’ve used over the past few months; without a hitch. Some have coughed and sputtered when after I actually I tried to use them but uninstall has always worked and PFF seems to have made itself at home as a Firefox extension just fine.

The first thing I did was add my first of two blogs into the editor which, by pushing the “Blog Wizard” button on the right side panel and following the simple instructions added my “Just thinkin’ ” okay but when I I wished to add my second WordPress blog (this one as a matter of fact which is accessed from the same account) the wizard, although it said it found the blog successfully, only wanted to add the first one again. This was probably due to “Just Thinkin’ being the oldest blog under my account and “Back Woods Tech being nearly new. Punching the “About” button at the bottom of the editor’s left side panel and clicking on the PFF Handbook link I figured out that instead of selecting “WordPress” as my blog host type in the wizard’s dialogue box, I had to actually select “Custom blog” and put in the actual API endpoint url of “Back Woods Tech” which I easily got from my “Zoundry BlogWriter’s” (my main blog editor) account settings dialogue and hence this post.

Initially, this seems to be a solid, simple WYSIWYG editor with a few surprises under the hood such as source editing as well as “rich” edting and a “Live preview tab” allows you to check your links, image tags etc just to make sure they work ok before posting. It also includes publishing options in the right hand side panel that gives the user the ability to add Techocrati tags, Trackbacks, Bookmarking at and a real nice touch of enabling pinging where one of the ping options is Ping- O-matic which I understand pings 14 different sources.

Now, I haven’t worked this editor much at all yet and still being fairly new at the blogging game as anyone who reads this will have to realize so I haven’t yet ran into my own ignorance if you know what I mean. I don’t think that it will replace my main editor simply because it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have all the bells and whistles that a dedicated WYSIWYG editor like BlogWriter has and especially due to the simple fact that there is no spell checker which I absolutely have to have. My spelling isn’t that bad but I can get pretty anal about it when I publish.

PFF does however, seem to be the bloggers answer to a “pinch hit” blog editor that’s built right into the browser (if you use Firefox that is) that allows for both Rich and source editing plus a few nice extra’s thrown in. Check out “Performancing’s website also. A lot of info there which is a very nice sign of professionalism.

Oh yeah. Since the links obviously work, I decided to attempt to add a picture just for testing purposes. Since (hosted) allows images to locally upload through a local editor via it’s own xml-rpc rather than FTP, setting up the “insert image” settings, for me anyway might be a little tricky.

And since I haven’t figured out how to upload an image directly to WordPress yet and I have other things I have to do before this day is over, it will just have to wait.

More on this later.

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