Things I can’t stand

Title says it all…

1. Commercials/advertisements that state: “The more you buy, the more you

Wrong! The more you buy, the less money you have!

2. Old aluminum storm windows. Any old aluminum storm windows.

3. People who ask: “Have you been saved?” Heck, I didn’t even know
I’d been marooned.

4. The statement: “I need to find myself.” Ok, so does that mean if
you actually do find you, you’ll then be beside yourself? How the heck can
someone lose themselves?

I’m lost.

I’ve gone to find myself

If I get back before I return,.

Tell me to wait.

5. People who say they will and won’t

6. Listening to the lame duck excuses of the people in number 5.

7. Well off schmucks who are always complaining how broke they are right before
they tell you about their new $10,000 jacuzzi they’re having put in.

8. Those arrogant, resource hogin’ ignorants who will lecture you and any other
poor sucker who happens to be within earshot about global warming and the
effects of greenhouse gases and our dependence on foreign oil,
alternative fuels and how we should all be driving small cars etc etc, then
drive off in their great big honkin’ Cadillac SUV’s.

9. The co-owner of Lamoille Valley Ford (I just hate his commercials!).

10. People who insist that this type of list has to contain 10 items.

All in fun.

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