Strange bedfellows and general complaints

Everyone seems to want to crawl into bed with every one else these last several weeks. I haven’t had this much fun since I rode the crest of the wave of the budding PC and (then) WWW.

First it was BootCamp: Windows on a MAC?

Then (in no specific order):

Google going on an MS style buying spree giving us things like Blogger, Sketch-up, The future Google Write and things of that nature.

Google and Dell. I don’t see where this is going yet but time will tell.

Google loses with Amazon A9 search when MS’s Windows live search takes over. Personally, I like the Amazon search engine better now.

Yahoo strikes content deal with E-Bay. Couldn’t care less. I don’t do E-Bay but what does this mean for the masses who do? Future topic perhaps and…

Rumor: Microsoft wants to buy/acquire/whatever E-bay and move the entire thing to it’s MSN portal. Things have been awful quiet about this since it first showed up on Google news. MS, E-Bay and Yahoo? Great googily-moogily!

And squabbles galore! The latest being Adobe miffed at MS for allowing a free download for the upcoming Office 2007 suite of a module that allows the user to save a document as a .pdf. Adobe has demanded that MS charge it’s customers for the privilege of use even though the same ability is offered (free of charge) in just about every other Office style suite in existence including Open Office. Let’s just add another EU lawsuit to MS’s list of things to do this year.

Speaking of which…I’ve got just one thing to say to Symantec; I wouldn’t touch Your internet security and anti virus products with a ten foot pole. I stopped using you’re products with the demise of DOS. Why?(unprofessional statement alert) Because they suck! Norton Antivirus is so full of holes it’s like trying to catch water in a sieve and it’s the biggest resource hog of all this type of software available. I have either read about, heard about or have personal experience with PC’s that have been infected with a virus/worm/trojan/spyware that got through Norton’s Anti virus/Internet security suites and just about every company I’ve worked for that used Symantec’s enterprise offerings have been infected on a regular basis and you have the balls to get on Microsoft’s case? And please don’t lecture me on a user’s surfing habits. Safe surfing or not you can still get caught out and the innocent and naive user is sometimes the most vulnerable simply due to their ignorance. The ones who surf on the “wrong side of the tracks” have the on line security to protect them and it ain’t Symantec/Norton.

Okay “nuff” said.

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