Sun came out

The sun came out for a short time today which was very appreciated since  it’s been continually  raining here (yet again) for the last week or so.  The foliage is loving it though. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen the greenery so thick and heavy in all my life and it becomes a mad rush just to get the lawn done when the sun actually does come out long enough to dry it and I still end up scrapping compressed grass clippings off the bottom of the mowing deck. I even heard a couple of mowers going yesterday in the middle of the rain. Guess they just couldn’t wait.

Other news…Kenny and I finally got Laurie’s “Long Meadow Farms” sign up and properly mounted at the shop and I’ll have to get a few pictures of it after she gets through painting the mounting  brackets the same color as the part of the sign they cover. That way the brackets won’t stand out. It’s about time since the sign maker never was able to deliver the proper mounting brackets (wasn’t his fault) so we made do with what our local hardware store had to offer.

Anyway, the cats are crazy as usual and it’s not even a full moon yet. Church managed to claw his way through the caning on the back of a real nice chair and pulled the end of a scarf that was hanging on the back of the chair through said hole. Kitty burgers anyone?

Alright, I’m going out side for awhile just to see where the sun went. My aching body has been loudly complaining about the lack of sunny, dry days so maybe a little sun dance will help. Hope the neighbors don’t mind.


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