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Blogging, although not necessarily something that has “been around for quite awhile”, has been around at least 6 or so years now which is just about the right time for the first real beginning of the naturally impending evolution of something new. As long as something new is introduced and hangs around long enough past said new stage (we all should have a pretty good idea now how quickly things move in the world of computers) it has to start evolving or die on the vine. “Adapt or die” as nature tells us…well, I don’t think blogging stands a chance in hell of ever disappearing but what the evolution of a new type of medium eventually turns it into is anybodies guess. But to the point:

Net neutrality was the first thing to come along in this first evolution which is still being hotly battled within the realms of lawmakers of the federal government. Now in addition, politicians apparently realizing that the long standing “closed circle” of Blunderland that the “Bulls and the Bears” and occasional independent have always enjoyed, have become greatly concerned as they see the walls of that “closed cistern…er…circle” fading away as the pressure from the “bloggers of politics” such as the Daily Kos (ie: people in general who care about such things which is grunch load of ’em) scrape more and more of those walls away. What do they do? What they always do in a case of the people vs politicians…host events(!) and that’s exactly what they have done as you’ll see in the link below.

I’m not going to get into details here since there are too many news sources out there that can illuminate you better than I (here’s one) but I will say that both the Net Neutrality issue and this “courting of bloggers” by the politicos is the beginning of the process that will determine the entire future of how the WWW will operate and if it will remain in control of the people at large as one big happy anarchy or broken up into various tiers of access controlled by big business and whatever government that decides to stick it’s 2 cents worth in . Follow this very closely folks. Our whole (cyber) world is going to end up hanging in the balance.

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