Rain, quilts and plants yo-ho

Seems like the only time I get to post anything these days is during the weekend and that’s usually only one day and one post per blog but that’s ok since I’m only doing this because I can and I enjoy it, not to make deadlines or money for that matter. Just for fun. And so…

The sun went back in shortly after my last post and it’s been more or less pouring rain ever since. Guess I’m kind of used to it now but I still wouldn’t mind some sunshine for a few days. Maybe this week and heck, I might even get to finish mowing the lawn before I start mowing it again if you know what I mean. Besides watching my lawn grow, all this cold and rain makes me hurt too!. When I was in my 20’s and early 30’s it just made me sleepy and hard to get up in the morning but now the disabilities from the service and the after effects of a rather nasty childhood disease (Rheumatic fever) have definitely made themselves known in the form of an aching back, knees and what appears to be some form of rheumatoid arthritis happily ensconced in my right hip that really starts tearing me up toward the end of the work week. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining in the least. Considering a couple of things that happened to me in the past I can consider myself very fortunate to be here in the shape that I’m in or at all for that matter so I’m fairly content with my personal lot at the moment (I’ll never be completely content, I’m just too tenacious and realistic to get that way). Besides, I have a wonderful woman in my life and that’s something I didn’t think possible just a few years ago so what’s to bitch about?

Business has been slow at the quilt shop due to the lousy weather but that does allow Laurie time to sew and quilt and sew and quilt some more and…well, you get the idea. I know she won’t be happy until every square inch of her shop besides the floor is covered with all sizes of quilts and aprons and potholders and wall hangings and…and…and…Again, I’m sure you get the idea. A couple did come in the other day wanting to see the Cobble Mountain Hammock Chairs she sells (and weaves(!) the rope beds that are strung between the wooden hoops… Sheesh! And I thought I was was fairly diverse in my talents!). By my understanding they were quite impressed. They should be. I have one myself and they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever sat in and great for my busted backside if it starts giving me trouble.

Big news (well, for this area anyway). We now have a Price Chopper super market that just opened no more than 5 miles from our house up in Derby which beats the crap out of driving 40 miles or so one way to the one in St. Johnsbury especially since gas has gotten so expensive these days. We’re going to “investigate” this new store after Laurie closes up the shop late this afternoon. For big box super markets, this is our favorite and it has Shaws (also in Derby) beat hands down for prices and product availability. Besides that, we’re just plain frugal and picky as hell when it comes to shopping and prices.

And “Just Because”…

We have a lot of plants around the house. I mean a lot of plants and I do my share of watering said plants so just to satisfy my curiosity I actually counted the number of plants that we have and the grand total came to 103! No wonder the air smells so fresh in the winter when the whole place is buttoned up tight.

That’s enough for now I guess since I haven’t even checked out the news or my mail yet and lunch would be nice to no doubt.


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