Firefox 2 (Bon Echo) beta 1 released??

Well… not quite, but almost. Read the quote below from the Mozilla Developer news site:…

Due to the number of outstanding blocking bugs targeted at beta 1, and the delay in getting a L10N functional NSIS installer working, the Beta 1 milestone will be slipping a little bit:

  • Code Freeze: Wednesday, July 5th, 11:59 PDT
  • Beta Ship : Tuesday, July 11th

This slip is necessary for us to release a product that can get wide testing from users in both first and second tier locales. It does, however, put us up against the wall in our overall schedule, so we’ll have to get very cautious in terms of the risk we’re willing to accept on patches, and focus our effort on items that are on the critical path for release.

Please focus your effort on bugs marked as blockers with a target milestone of Firefox2 beta1 or mozilla1.8.1b1, landing on trunk with appropriate reviews and requesting approval1.8.1? after some bake time.

Of course, we recognize that there are holidays between now and July 5th, and aren’t asking you to alter any vacation plans you might have. In fact, the earlier patches get on the trunk and the longer they bake, the better!

Now, if you’re like me and have set up a separate profile using the “firefox.exe -profilemanager” run command (Windows XP in my case) and have set up a separate profile for testing the nightly “Bon Echo” builds of the upcoming Firefox 2 then you most likely already have the Bon Echo Beta 1 tucked nicely away in your rapidly maturing “gonna-be” browser. If your experiences with the Alpha builds of the new Firefox browser has paralleled mine at all (especially with the nightly builds of Alpha 3 and now Beta 1) it’s quite obvious that we have a real nice update coming up.

The only things that worry me now is that only 9 out of my usual 22 extensions (see my previous post) have been compatible so far and July 11th is the official public release date for the “re-branded” (from Bon Echo to Firefox) Firefox 2 beta 1 release and although I can live without most of them my beloved pinch hit blog editor; Performancing aka PFF, is still missing in action. Oh well…The final release is still at least a month or so away so there is still time and I’m probably fretting about it way too early like I usually do.

So far though, even with the Alpha 3 builds, the new version has been extremely robust and stable which is very unusual when a new version of a program is still in the Alpha stages. Improvements in everything from memory handling and launching speed to rendering and functionality, point to a much more polished, streamlined browser than the previous 1.5.0.x versions which is something all current and wannabe Firefox users will definitely appreciate.

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