A Vermont Palette

I wasn’t sure how to start this post off so I figured that’s how I’d actually start it. So I did.

With that said.

Though some might not know it (I know I didn’t at first), quilting is considered an art form as well as a craft and my lady of “Long Meadow Farms” has recently become a member of the “Wooden Horse Arts Guild” of Northeastern Vermont. Now, I don’t know all the ins and outs of being a member and all that since I am neither an artist nor a quilter but one of the things that each member is asked to do is submit a “palette” that reflects their art/craft to the “Palettes of Vermont Project” of the Vermont Arts Council. To wit:

Palettes of Vermont is a fun, inclusive project designed to unite people and communities through the arts. Since January 2006 we have distributed more than 7,000 Vermont maple palettes and 31,000 die-cut paper palettes to participants from every part of the state, every walk of life, and all ages and abilities. The palettes are being created using many media – paint, pastels, paper, ink, fabric, etc., or they can be incorporated into other creative activities such as theater, film, music, poetry, prose, dance and/or multimedia. From Memorial Day through October 2006, the palettes will be exhibited in more than 70 Vermont communites.

And my lady has recently finished her entry:

palette thumb.jpg

The name of her palette is “Vermont For All Seasons” which she “wrote” with her sewing machine along the bottom edging which unfortunately can’t be seen on this particular image. “Winter” starts at the top of the palette and the following seasons are represented clockwise around and down to “Fall” the bottom left.

The palette will be listed on the Wooden Horse Arts Guild’s website in another two weeks.

By jeezum, my honey’s gettin’ famous she is!

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