Performancing update

I received a comment from Jed Brown the day after my previous post (the one before this one) about my “beloved pinch hit blog editor”; Performancing (PFF) missing in action for the new beta builds of Firefox 2. He let me know that an update to the editor was coming up soon so PFF could be tested with the FF 2 beta’s and no more than 5 days later…here I am posting from FF2 beta 1 with my newly updated editor. Yeah!

Knowing full well that when testing a newly updated extension in a beta build can be fairly funky at times, FF 2 B1 crashed the first time I attempted to use PFF. After the feedback agent did it’s thing, Firefox restarted and offered me a choice between starting anew or restoring the previous session. I chose to restore and up comes the browser with all my previous tabs open…no problem. I brought PFF up again and continued on without another crash but not without an obvious anomaly.

In Firefox 1.5.04, PFF works along with the “Spellbound Development” spell checker extension which adds the function of in-line spell checking to the editor (and Firefox as well) however, in order to check a misspelled word in PFF, the user has to hit “Ctrl + left-click” which brings up the spelling suggestions menu instead of just right clicking. This is done this way in order to avoid conflicts with the regular right-click context menu of the editor.


Firefox 2 now has a built in, in-line spell checker and although it correctly underlines misspelled words in PFF there is no way that I have found (yet) to bring up the spelling suggestions menu. There is no “Ctrl + left-click” option any longer since that particular function belonged to Spellbound Development and that extension is not compatible with the new Firefox beta nor would I install it if it were. It would most likely conflict with the new Firefox 2 spell checker or at least cause some severe hiccuping.

I can get by with my old tried and true “WordWeb Pro 4” that has been sitting quietly down in my tray for the past year or so. Any word, anywhere in Windows that I might have a question about I can highlight and hit “Ctrl-Alt” +W and up comes WordWeb Pro with a ton of suggestions, synonyms, antonyms, and all sorts of other info so it will suffice in the interim until Jed and his cohorts can figure a way around this. Heck, maybe they have and I just don’t know about it yet.

If I find out, I’ll let ya’ know.

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