A new saw…see?

So my honey needed a new 3 panel folding “wall” like the one that I made her for her new shop (Long Meadow Farm Quilts). This one however, is for a show put on by the Wooden Horse Arts Guild and this particular folding wall will be used to display some fine examples of her products.

I ‘m also going to be making something we’re going to call “Block Clocks” which is basically one of the 2 or 3 extra blocks that she makes when she puts together a new quilt built into a frame with some clock works installed etc, etc.

Hmmmmm….I thought.

A bad back and your basic circular saw was obviously not going to cut it (so to speak) so off to the local hardware store I went and bought myself your basic $125.00 table saw (on sale for $99.95) and stuffed the box with the saw down into the cellar. After 2 hours last weekend, the thing was together and aligned properly and tonight the pieces for the three panels of the folding wall were cut and screwed together in half the time it would have taken me with circular saw and my rotten backside.

Now, although I’ve spent plenty of time on many a table saw I have actually never had one I could call my very own so here I am, a 47 year old man with his first table saw. Somebody alert the media!

I’ll have a pics of the first Block Clock when I figure out how to use PhotoBucket properly and can successfully add a few image tags. Having them show up on the blog would also be nice but let’s not push it.

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