Been busy

Sun Logo.gifHaven’t had time to post lately. I’ve either been too busy or just too tired to think let alone type something intelligible. Now I know that for personal blogs such as this one, you don’t necessarily have to be intelligible but for me…being wee bit clear headed is a must. Not a lot, mind you…just a little. Being strange is completely acceptable of course.

Right now my head is so stuffed up from all the pollen in the air, it’s a wonder I’m not writng the way I soud whed I speeg ya’ doe?

Alright…I’m not going to get into that but I hate not being able to breath. It makes one rather blue (sorry aboud dat).

The big news today was that I had my first sale at my lady’s shop today. A potholder! I’m so proud.

Okay, so it’s only a potholder but hey…I’m somebody now!

On that positive note, I tig I’b go-ig to go blow by doze.

Hab a nibe eebnig.

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