A new PFF build

I just wanted to see if the new 1.3 alpha 3 build of the Performancing extension I received from Jed Brown would crash Firefox 2 beta 1 like version 1.2 did. So far so good but it’s only been up for a short while. I’ll really pound on it later this weekend and see how she sits.

So far, after I wrote up the post in the editor I then set up all the settings under the settings button and then chose my publishing options. What’s the big deal with this? These operations in the previous version caused Firefox 2 beta 1 to crash and burn and as of right now the browser, apparently, “ain’t payin’ no attention” to what I’m doing which is very good indeed.

I’ll just have to pound on it this weekend.

This is one of my very favorite extensions ya’ know.

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