How to write a book(?)

Truth is, I just don’t know. Why do I wonder such a thing? Well, let me tell you.

Over the past several years I have written a bunch of short stories, articles of stuff and nonsense and the like and have saved and stuffed them into every computer I’ve had since 1995 or so. I lost them once except for a folder of hard copy which my wonderful lady retyped into her computer and hence put them back into mine. 

The few people I have let read this stuff have all told me I should put them into a book and now I beginning to feel that this might be a wise thing to do. I mean, since I apparently have this ability, why not take advantage of it yes?

Problem is, how does one do this thing especially when one is on a limited budget, still working a day job and dealing with a few ornery health problems?  Time spent on some research in this direction would probably help. Things like copyrighting, publishers, publishing (and how much), and generally not getting ripped off for my trouble are the basic concerns running around my brain of late.

Ah, well…life has a habit (at least with me) of throwing answers and opportunities my way as need be and since this is something I’d really love to do, let’s hope a pathway opens up soon, eh?

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