An old friend found

I just obtained a web site address of an old friend that I had lost touch with a long time ago. I had first met Pierre when I was in High school and during the time my sister and I were doing theater work which continued after we had graduated.

He was the rather dynamic and unique director of the classic musicals that were put on in the town of Fairhaven MA. (a regular “Hometown USA type of place). Musicals such as “My Fair Lady”, “Sound of Music” and “The King and I”. My sister always did the acting and I, being the budding technician and novice audiophile that I was, got myself deep into the sound and wiring end of things, with Pierre yelling…I mean…tutoring me all the way.

Studer-Revox B77Pierre truly gave me a fine introduction to the world of music and sound engineering back when being a true “Golden-Eared Audiophile” really meant something and that actually owning a Studer-Revox B-77 10″ reel to reel (which I eventually did along with a Yamaha B-2 amplifier which was later replaced with a Denon POA-2200 with matching pre-amp) really meant something. Because of this unique individual, I eventually became an absolutely no comprise sound engineer and audiophile working with local bands, studios and occasional theater group (I once had a starring role as “Harvey” you betcha’) down in Southern Connecticut. I even had my own fairly successful mobile sound production business for several years before an accident that had occurred during my time in the service finally took my so-called “golden ears” away from me.

Ah well, such is life and all that.

I find myself very glad that Pierre is not only still around but still doing what he is absolutely best at:

Sound Dynamics Associates

“Founded by owner and audio-engineer Pierre Paquin, Sound Dynamics Associates has achieved an A+ reputation in Southern New England for recording live-concerts and recitals for over forty years. Sound Dynamics is best known for being a “one-contact” company for the recording, duplication, and archival of music, for both professional and non-professional organizations.”

Pierre…I would expect no less.


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