Life gets interesting

Had some wonderful news come my way during a recent visit to the VA clinic down in White River Junction. I had gone down there becuase I hadn’t felt quite up to snuff of late and things were getting a little sore down yonder (if ya’ know what I mean).

I suspected a possible hernia.

Now a 47 year old man with a hernia is not necessarily a “rare” occurrence in fact it’s quite common thing if not down right irritating. However, during the above mentioned visit, not only was I informed that I did indeed have a hernia…I had TWO hernias and the second one didn’t cost me more than the first one did. Two for the price of one no less. Not often you get a deal like that!

But somehow I’m not ecstatic about the event.

What this basically means is a month wait till the appointment then a trip to Boston and a whole lot of work time missed because I’m not one of those “fortunates” that get to work behind a desk. I tend to get a bit more exercise in my daily work than that.
    I’m not saying anything against working behind a desk, mind you. Fact is, I’ve been thinking more and more lately on what a nice thing it might be having my own desk and spending the day putting stuff into a computer but life obviously has other plans for me I guess.

Anyway…all in good time.

One way or the other, things will work out ok…they always do.

Be back later…

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