The world at your feet (or mouse actually)

You know, it’s amazing what lies at your fingertips when it comes to the Internet these days. Everything from news to blogs to old time radio broadcasts, anything you could think of really.

Need a part for your bashed up car, just Google it and you’ll find it.

Shop a thousand stores in one afternoon and never leave your house. No problem.

Listen to an old radio broadcast like your grandparents did and let your imagination fill in the blanks instead of the video or DVD player.

Want to talk about parts of your life to no one in particular and let the entire world know about it? Spin yarn on your own blog.

I’m more amazed everyday, each time I get on line and look around. So much out there you could surf the rest of your life and barely scratch the surface.

This is why I got into computers in the first place so long ago.  Sixteen years before the World Wide Web (not the Internet which was much older) first came into being and 8 years before the first IBM PC first hit the streets. Just so I could sit in front of my umpteenth computer and explore the entire world from my desk.

Wouldn’t you know it.

So much fun.

This posts exists because I think.

No really! I do  think…I do!


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