Just Thinkin’

I read the news today (oh boy). Seems that they’re very close to finding the missing gene, genome, whatever, that makes our brains so much different than a chimpanzee’s and why we’re so much more “intelligent” (do tell).

Well, well, well. It appears to me that the next step to be taken after they do find it is to figure out a technique to safely remove said gene, genome, whatever, from the population at large, especially in the case of anyone even remotely associated with politics.

Oh…and used car salesman and any lawyer that can be tracked down and held still long enough.

And anyone who makes over $135,562.31 a year and takes advantage of large tax breaks.

I undertook three trips down to the VA in Central Vermont (2 hours each way) and each time I can back with a new hernia for a grand total of…yup…you guessed it… three different hernias. Actually the one(s) on the right side they call a Pantaloon hernia.

So what does this mean? It’s puffy and has two legs?

Or perhaps I, for some reason in my past, swallowed a pair of my grandmother’s old bloomers and now they’re backing up on me?

Whatever the case may be…surgery down in Boston during the week of 08-28-06. Whoop-dee-doo!

In other things, Long Meadow Farms Quilt shop is moving along alright this first summer of business with enough busy times mixed in with not so busy times which makes time for building up the stock in preparation for the end of the season.

Things could get busy ya’ know. 


So just a post to let myself know I’m still around and haven’t left things by the wayside. Life does get complicated now and then and demands your attention. Sometimes it’s subtle and other times it’s a “reach out and grab ya’ ” type of thing which is currently the way I’m feeling at the moment.

Either way, I’m going to stay away from the VA until surgery rolls around. Who knows what else I’ll come away with?


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