Stained glass and new quilts

Something new has arrived at Long Meadow Farms quilt shop. Stained glass items.

These colorful, sun-catching items are the newest thing coming out of the LMF workshop (the workshop being spread out between the shop and 2 different locations at home.

Here’s a couple of the first images taken this afternoon.


The panel is a bit dark but then again I wasn’t taking these pictures in a studio environment. She has done a couple of angels as well that turned out real nice.

How she manages to work with stained glass along with everything else is beyond me but she definitely does it with style.

More and more quilts, potholders and other items are flying out of my lady’s workshop as the days go by in preparation for the end of the season when all the summer people pack up their summer “belongings” and head back to their homes for the coming winter (oog…winter??!!?). Many who have stopped in during the summer have said they’d be back at the season’s end so it’s safe to be ready. Replacing sold stock is also a must as well.

I shot a few pics of two new full size quilts today plus a really funky psychedelic retro-quilt (lap quilt size) that wouldn’t have looked out of place at the first Woodstock.


  Yep, this is the “Far out, Psychedelic, Retro-Quilt” that I was talking about. She made it from a set of “colors” she had picked out several years ago that somehow had never been put together into a quilt. Quite the thing if you ask me.

Perhaps I can talk her into doing a full size in the same colors but somehow I don’t think I’d be successful.

Now…if I can only get the lead out of my you-know-what and make the first Long Meadow Farms “Block Clock”. Soon I say, soon.

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