Poor Robert

I was banging around in my WordPress.com admin page trying my best to screw up the looks of my (little known) “Back Woods Tech” blog which I managed with more or less success. I think.

Well, the blog does look different now anyhow.

Can one be pleased by failing to screw something up intentionally?

Anyway, as I was failing to screw up, I happened to notice in the Top Posts column of WordPress’s front page, a post by Robert Scoble (Scobleizer) concerning Windows Live Spaces and the blogs incorporated therein. I had to chuckle not only at the fact that Robert had found, or not found depending on how you look at it, the same type of content (or lack thereof), that I did when I recently wandered over to have a look around Spaces myself last week, but at the comments as well.

Poor Robert was bashed,harangued and rather badly hammered about his “egotistical” critique of WLS and the problem was that I agreed with him. So I’m egotistical as well? I don’t think so.

Heck, I’m still new when it comes to blogging (but very little else mind you), I freely admit my guilt. I’m still trying to get a handle on Pings and Trackbacks for cryin’ out loud. But while new at blogging , I am most certainly not new as far as the Internet, computers and research are concerned. I began my career back in the seventies, years before the first Sony Walkmen even hit the streets, let alone a PC.

Where was I? Oh yeah…

“Scobleizer” for example, has a Google rating of 7 out of 10 and as screwed up as Google ratings can be at times, that kind of rating still means you have to work for it. On the other hand, my little “Back Woods Tech” blog has no rating at all and that’s just fine with me. I’m doing this strictly for fun and the experience of actually trying something new.

So look…about half of his posted “Fifty” had no entries at all and one of them actually stated that “This blog is intentionally left blank”. So these individuals are maybe making a statement here or something? Bah.

Putting up a blog and doing absolutely nothing with it is just taking up a piece of blog space that someone else might use for some actual content…even if it’s only a few pictures in hopes that Grandma might get to see them. Also, I can probably forgive “…intentionally left blank” now that I think about it. The person behind that one most likely is making a statement although one we will probably never understand.

Hmmm. In that case, could “…intentionally left blank” be considered art?

What’s my point you ask? No point, I answer. I’m just stating the fact that I read a blog called “Scobleizer” (So I like his blog…so do a lot of folks) and how I reacted to one of his posts and following comments.

I don’t always have to have a point…

It’s my blog, isn’t it?

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