What to do, what to do.

So what’s to do when one is stuck at home (yet again) because you did too much at work and your hernia (hernias in my case) are belly aching (get it?) about it? Well, spending time in bed is one thing and that went on till about noontime when our cat, Church, who had been lying next to me, was actually all slept out and began bothering me until I managed to stagger out of bed. 

Bathroom, Coffee, small breakfast…done. Got dressed…very slowly.

Now what?

Alright, get online and check the news. Ah…Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7.0 RC1. Download…install…there!

Ah, what the heck, I use Firefox anyway but I like to keep my system updated with the latest pieces parts and besides…IE7.0 isn’t bad and a heck of a lot better than the old IE 6. So it’s there if I need it.

Voila!…I got my two cheap links in…sometimes you just gotta do it!

What else…

Well now. The plants on the front porch, which was turned into a very long front room ages ago with lots of windows, are looking a bit droopy so off to get the watering can and see if I can help the situation at all. Try not to water the cat (BV this time) that’s sleeping in the chair by one of the windows as well…oops sorry BV (chuckle). I missed. Now to sit down a bit because that little excursion to the porch, kitchen sink and to the porch again has things complaining down below.


Ok, complaining is down to a dull roar…what other trouble can I get myself into? Oh yeah…the waste baskets are full so why not?

Off to kitchen, open small flour bin (old house…big bin and small bin built into hand crafted wooden kitchen cabinets…nice) grab 2 garbage bags, kitchen size for trash barrel in big flour bin and big bag for collecting contents of waste baskets…so!

Now off to find waste baskets…Kitchen (2), Library (1), Porch (2), Conservatory (1…empty), Living room (1), Bedroom (3) Bathroom (1) and Sewing room (1)…done. Now put new kitchen bag in kitchen trash barrel, close flour bin…and so…finished!

Alright!…Alright!…I’ll sit down again!


Up again…looks like the newly washed clothes have dried so grab laundry basket from bedroom…empty first…put away…off to porch…collect clothes…down to basement…collect rest of clothes…back to bedroom (oof! ouch!) empty basket and put rest of my clothes away. Pile my honey’s clothes on bed…done! Lie down on bed for half an hour.

Feel better…up again.


Last thing…empty dishwasher of clean dishes and put away…the clean dishes that is, not the dishwasher. I mean…where would you store a dishwasher when you’re not using it anyway? That’s just plain silly!

Alright, dirty dishes in sink, rinse off, put in now-empty dishwasher…so!

There…I feel like I’ve accomplished something at least


So what’s the difference between going to work (servicing medical equipment for my part) and staying home when you’re feeling lousy?

At work you can’t lie down until you feel good enough to get back up again, that’s what.

Surgery next week. It sure will be nice to have myself back together again (so to speak). 

Sleep well all…


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