Gone for a week

“The time has come”, the walrus said, “to speak of many things.”


I won’t be posting here until next weekend. I’m heading down to Boston (VA hospital) to (hopefully) get these hernias fixed. I say hopefully just because I don’t happen to have much faith that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing as far as the two different VA hospitals are concerned.

Since I’m in Vermont, I toodle down to the White River Junction facility but the surgery is taking place in West Roxbury MA (Boston area). I just don’t place much reliability in the communication abilities between the two hospitals is all. Things have fallen through the cracks before and I can’t really afford that this time around.

So I do believe that since I have to lodge over at WRJ so I can catch the DVA van to Boston on Tuesday morning, I’ll just see if I can get some pertinent hardcopy from Medical Records to take with me.


So until I get back…

Keep dancin’ y’all


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