Update on Park(ing)-

Back on May 23rd I wrote a short post about a group called Rebar that created a “park” like setting (complete with grass, a tree and a park bench) by “leasing” city space by feeding the parking meter of a paid parking space for couple of hours.

Before I went down to Boston for surgery, I received a newsletter from the group announcing September 21st, 2006 as “Park(ing) Day” asking for volunteers and such.

“Rebar, the San Francisco collective that brought you PARK(ing) – a public park in a metered parking spot – is expanding the project into a nationwide event!

On Sept 21st, 2006, Rebar will create a distributed network of public parks in parking spots around San Francisco, delivered entirely by bicycle.

In addition to our network of PARKs, groups from around the country will be building PARKs in their own local urban environments.

So far we have commitents from folks in about 6 cities, and could use your help to inspire more people and get the word out about the event!

– If you have a BLOG, we’d love it if you posted about this event.
– If you are a member of the press, we’d love you to cover our event.
– If you’d like to create a PARK of your own – go for it!

Attached is a page about the event, and more information is availble on the Rebar site:”

This is a very cool thing indeed and people even used it! Here’s the link to that particular page on their site and if you check out their main page you’ll find some pics and a video of their first “Park” in San Fransisco.

What a great idea. 


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